May 9, 2020

1st stage: Budapest – Budapest (individual time trial)

Twenty-three hundredths of a second Budapest – May 9th, 2020 from our correspondent Marco Pastonesi artwork by Federico Tram Tramonte Twenty-three hundredths of a second. Nothing. Yet that is the difference between recalling and regretting, praising and cursing, celebrating and explaining, entering history and exiting geography, in short between winning and losing. Because, if it’s true that cycling races have only one winner and nobody loses, then it’s even truer that when one flirts with victory for twenty-three hundredths of a second – to say the truth: shorter than the blink of an eye –  that feels like a defeat, simply an unbearable defeat. This time Vincenzo Nibali has celebrated, and Tom Dumoulin has explained. The 8 kilometres and 600...
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