May 31, 2020

21a tappa: Cernusco sul Naviglio – Milano (cronometro individuale)

Così lontano, così vicino Il Giro si decide in un soffio Milan – May 31th, 2020 From our correspondents Paolo Bozzuto e Marco Pinotti artwork by Massimiliano Marzucco Just like Wenders’ film scene in which Emit Flesti – time in person if you read it backwards – slows the clock so that fate is fulfilled. There is a pink balloon flying. But nobody knows why. It is 4:53 pm on a late-May Sunday that will go down in history. It all started much earlier, though: 90 minutes, like the title of a song by the Italian rapper Salmo. Exactly the one that hammers the ears of Filippo ‘Top’ Ganna through earphones while he warms up on the rollers. Filippo worked hard...
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