Filip J Cauz

In May 1990 i saw Gianni Bugno dominate the Giro and threw his pink jersey to the crowd. Since then i never the final stage of the race in Milan, but through the time I began to follow it in full, alternating it with trips to classic and Worlds, mud and velodromes. A quarter of a century after Bugno I was in tears watching Sven Nys’ last race. In between I drank several beers, listened to too many records, organized and participated in hundreds of concerts, and wrote here and there about cycling and music.

Filip J Cauz in May 2016, on the occasion of the Giro number 99, launched the webmagazine Bidon – ciclismo allo stato liquido, together with other utopians, with which he published five books. He regularly collaborates with different magazines and is part of the editorial staff of the periodical “Alvento”. Every time he goes out, he cycles along the walls of the Vigorelli Velodrome, which he helped to reopen together with a group of local aficionados (and not only). You can find him on Twitter as @cauz_.