Francesco Chiacchio

«Some years ago, while listening to the song Alfonsina e la bici by Tétes de Bois, I discovered the extraordinary story of Alfonsina Strada, who in 1924 was the first woman to take part to Giro d’Italia. Often I happen to ponder on his drive, particularly when I have to make a decision or sort out an issue. I think of Alfonsina and the courage with which she challenged the ascents and beliefs of her time. I think of Alfonsina that, between one stage and the following one, mends the tyres of his bicycle with needle and thread or, right in the middle of a race, fixes a broken handlebar with a broom stick given to her by a peasant. I think of Alfonsina as a ten year old kid that meets the bicycle and never parts from it there after».

Francesco Chiacchio (1981) lives and works in Florence. His work ranges from collages to drawings. He has illustrated books, records and he also drawn short graphic stories.
The last book he has illustrated is Acerbo sarai tu by Silvia Vecchini (Topipittori, 2019).
Francesco loves to grow words in his “word-garden”, sprinkle them with different signs, watch them grow from afar and pick them for a drawing.