When he was six years old, Giacomo watched Francesco Moser on tv (who cannot swim) win a Giro d’Italia stage in Venice, arriving in San Marco square on a bridge made up of boats. An epiphany. 40 years later, starting from that happening, he writes Storia e Geografia del Giro d’Italia (“History and geography of the Giro”). A book that is able to get moved 2 famous Italian journalists: Aldo Grasso and Gianni Mura.

Writer, journalist and copywriter, Giacomo Pellizzari wrote 4 more books: Ma chi te lo fa fare? Sogni e avventure di un ciclista sempre in salita (2014), Il carattere del ciclista (2016), published in Dutch and German too, Gli italiani al Tour de France (2018) and Generazione Peter Sagan (2019). He currently write for Cyclist Magazine (Italian version), and sometimes for Peloton Magazine (USA). He also the author of the item “Giro d’Italia” in 2017 Libro dell’Anno Treccani. He’s got 4 bikes, 2 sons and 1 electric guitar.