stage_9: Vieste-Giovinazzo

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stage_9: Vieste-Giovinazzo   Edited by Michele Lauro   A small, fortified town, Giovinazzo in the Bari hinterland, is the starting point for this stage entirely along the coast. With the sea to the right, always just a glance away, the SS 16 twists its way around four built up areas that are rich in history, […]

stage_8: Castrovillari-Brindisi

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stage_8: Castrovillari-Brindisi   Edited by Michele Lauro   In a majestic setting, with views of the Pollino slopes, Corso Garibaldi in Castrovillari is the starting point for a stage that will cover three regions – Calabria, Basilicata and Apulia – and two seas. Leaving the Calabrian Tyrrenhian behind the peaks, SP 263 planes towards the […]